Our Products

We offer a broad range of products from Assistive Living Devices and custom molds for hearing protection to swimmer’s ear prevention.

Facts on Hearing Aids

The hearing aid fitting process typically consists of six stages: assessment, treatment, planning, selection, verification, orientation, and validation. By utilizing the latest technology, the process of fitting hearing aids has become more accurate and efficient.

Hearing Aids Many individuals with hearing loss are fit with two hearing aids (binaural). The benefits of wearing two hearing aids may include an enhanced ability to a) hear better in the presence of background noise, b) determine where sound is coming from, and c) hear soft sounds at lower levels.

Many hearing aids in use today are equipped with a telecoil. This feature couples directly with hearing-aid-compatible telephones and assistive listening devices, improving intelligibility in noisy situations, poor acoustical environments, and at long distances from the speaker.

There are over 1,000 types and models of hearing aids to satisfy an individual’s hearing loss needs and improve their quality of life. Hearing Care Resources offers an excellent technology called Life's SoundSuite™, which gives patients a chance to "test drive" new hearing devices before buying them. This technology helps patients hear better then ever with their hearing aids.

Life's SoundSuite is a state-of-the-art testing room where patients can try out hearing instruments in a variety of simulated natural sound environments. Once your audiologist at Hearing Care Resources prescribes hearing devices, he or she will present you with technology that combines video and surround sound to simulate real-life listening situations. By listening to sounds, such as those heard in restaurants, at gatherings or events, and when watching television, patients can actively participate in the programming of the hearing devices prescribed to them in order to get the best sound performance possible. The Life’s SoundSuite not only improves the initial performance of your devices, but it also minimizes the need for follow-up adjustments as well!

Assistive Listening Devices

Amplified phones, vibrating alarm clocks and other devices are helpful to those who wear hearing aids and those who don't. We also offer customized Bluetooth© technology for cell phone users. We offer this technology for those with normal hearing and for those with hearing loss. Hearing aids are just a part of better hearing.  Many other resources may be available to give you better and more confident communication.

We understand that patients with hearing loss may require additional assistance in certain situations. The good news is that today a vast array of helpful devices are available, including amplified telephones, smoke detectors for the hearing impaired and vibrating alarm clocks. These devices may be ordered through Hearing Care Resources, LLC.

Custom Earmold Products

Custom earmold products are often used in situations that are not associated with hearing aids. Often, these are used by anesthesiologists, employees in industrial environments, children with swimmer’s ear, hunters and people with collapsed ear canals. Non-amplified applications include: musician ear plugs, communication molds and ear molds for the medical professional.

iPod© and MP3 Player Custom-Molds

Custom molds made to fit over iPod and MP3 player ear buds will keep the ear buds in the ear, especially during active pursuits. They also provide greater comfort when listening for long periods of time.

Hearing Protection Devices

Custom ear-molded protection is recommended for many occupations and tasks. We offer custom noise reduction plugs for all purposes including hunting, occupational related, and sleeping. You will be surprised at the many affordable options you have in protecting your hearing.

Musician Earplugs and Monitors

Specifically made for musicians, these plugs will protect hearing yet allow for that broadband response that most musicians enjoy and require. We offer different styles and types and can stay within almost any budget (and look cool while you are performing).

Swim Molds

Swim molds are great for keeping water out of your ears. These custom molds come in many colors and also float should they come dislodged. Great for children and adult ears.